Tasting The Best Zinfandel Wine


Tasting the Best Zinfandel Wine for the First Time

The best Zinfandel wine is produced from a variety of red grapes grown in California vineyards. The taste of red Zinfandel wine depends on the maturity of the grapes from which it is fermented.

If you are just starting to grow interest about the wine industry then you need to learn about white Zinfandel wines and rose wines. The usual false impression is that these wines fall into the same category since they have the same redness and branded as Zinfandel. However the fact that they are given different names means they are different.

Zinfandel is not just a moniker for a rose wine. Although it became unpopular in the 70’s since white wine was the favored drink that time, Zinfandel wine has since regained its popularity especially for those who love the red sweetness of rose wine. The only distinction between rose and Zinfandel is that rose can be fermented from any grape that is best for producing red wine while Zinfandel can only be fermented from red grapes in Napa Valley in California.

The main principle here is that Zinfandel can be technically referred to as a rose wine while a rose cannot be called Zinfandel.

There is some confusion since Zinfandel is a very flexible grape since it can produce various kinds of wine. From an orangey zinfandel port to the sweet white zin and other varieties, it is often referred as the chameleon of grapes. Zinfandel has been referred to as Americas Grape until it was discovered its origins from Croatia and was brought to the US in the 19th century.

Zinfandel grapes produce wine that could last for hundreds of years. Old vines can ferment smaller yields with stronger flavor. Some wine aficionados claim that the red grapes grown in the Sierra Foothills in California produce the best Zinfandel wine because of its warm climate. The vines grow in tight clusters so they ripe separately making it a hard task to determine precisely when to harvest. Some cultivators actually pick each grape over several weeks so that every fruit is at the precise level of maturity. Zinfandel grapes only produce the best Zinfandel wine because they have very high sugar content and can be fermented with up to 15 per cent alcohol.

Of all the wines you could taste, Zinfandel wines can be the most fun and exciting because of the exquisite taste you can experience.

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