California The Best Zinfandel Wines


California, The Home of  The Best Zinfandel Wines

Best Zinfandel WinesZinfandel is a red grape variety that is believed to be of Austrian origin, naturally producing a robust red wine. However the semi-sweet blush style of White Zinfandel is quick to make waves in the wine market of the United States, selling over six times more than its red counterpart. Thus, the best Zinfandel wines were later produced here.

Albeit the Croatian descent of this Zinfandel grape variety, it somehow found its way in the lands of United Stated. It came aboard the shipment in Long Island received by a horticulturist name George Gibbs in the 19th century.  A few years later, it was brought to California during the Californian Gold Rush era. Acquiring it from a nurseryman, Joseph W. Osborne made the very first Zinfandel Wine, which he planted at his Oak Knoll Vineyard, north of Napa. His wine received so much praised that by the end of 19th century, Zinfandel Wines reigned in the Californian wine market. It was during the Prohibition that it temporarily hid behind the curtains only to be rediscovered again after the said era. It only proves that such creation cannot be kept under wraps for a long time.

Zinfandel Wines Distribution

Zinfandel is well-loved by Californian wine enthusiasts as it is also where it is widely grown. Though its presence is also known in other States such as Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico to name a few. American Zinfandel ranges from dessert wines, White Zinfandel, light bodied red wine to big hearty reds. Wine quality largely depends on the climate and location and age of the vineyard.

Californian Zinfandel is an all-time favorite and still the seat of the best Zinfandel Wines. Topping the list are vineyards of Amador, Sonoma, Lodi and Napa Valley.  In comparing the products of these regions, only a slight difference in aroma and flavors can be noticed.

Italians have also adapted the Zinfandel grape by growing its Italian relative, the Primitivo. When the link between the two was discovered, Italy was quick to cultivate this variety and produced rustic and highly alcoholic red wine (15%). Later on, their wine process began to use the American Oak to achieve the Zinfandel American Style.

Other locations known to produce Zinfandel Wines include its native origin Croatia, where the link of a Croatian grape variety called Crljnak Kastelenski was discovered. A professor planted his first cloned vine, combining Zinfandel, the Croatian Crljenak Kastelenski and Primitivo. In 2005, he produced the first ZPC wine. Australia and certain parts of Southern Africa are also known producers of Zinfandel Wines.

Taste and Food Pairing

The best Zinfandel wines carry the flavor of berries and black cherry. Light Zinfandel is more fruity tasting, while heavy Zinfandel are usually thicker and carries the berry flavors. Best food combinations are red meats and cheese and Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta. Order Now Best Zinfandel Wines at laithwaiteswine.comBest Zinfandel Wines