Bianchi Zinfandel Wines


The Bianchi Winery for Ultra Premium Zinfandel Wines

 Bianchi Zinfandel Wines – Bianchi Zinfandel Wines Bianchi WineryThis winery is perhaps the leading winemaker in the Central Valley of California. For location, it is situated along the banks of River San Joaquin in the valley already mentioned. The establishment of the winery runs back to the year 1974 when the partnership of father and son, Glenn and his now late father Joseph Bianchi took place. The winery, upon completion and commencement rapidly grew because they embraced the use of highly advanced production methods and machinery that saw them become the leading producer and that won them numerous awards.


A brief review of the history of the Bianchi Winery

 The winery’s history of success is creditable to the late Joseph Bianchi who had been a renowned winemaker long before he and his son ventured in to the industry on large-scale bases. After his death, Glenn’s son who had always wanted to take the winery to a new level took over the management of the winery and in the year 2000, he purchased a total of forty acres of vineyards on the eastern section of Paso Robles. This region greatly impressed him with its reputation for producing high quality grapes and its microclimate that was favorable for the growth of the fruits.

Bianchi Zinfandel Wines Top Rated WinesGlenn put up the excellent winery and a showcase hospitality point on the piece of land that is the home of the guts- awakening Zinfandel wines that have found their places on the tables of many wine enthusiasts. The winery uses the state-of-the-art wine stainless steel fermenting tanks that ensure that the entire process is computer-monitored and therefore ensuring that select and exotic wine brands are produced. Not only that, they make use of barrel rooms for the American and French oak that provides the capacity and the ability of aging and blending of the select wine lots.

Bianchi Zinfandel Wines Extensive variety of wines

 The winery produces a wide range of excellent wine brands from, which you can choose yours. It does not matter how choosy a connoisseur you might be, with this winery’s products, you can pick more than two brands that you cannot resist. They come in different tastes, flavors and aromas, safe for the extensive grape varieties in their vineyards such as the Merlot, Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. Below, we shall review some of the awesome brands by the Bianchi winemakers.

The wine products come into broad categories namely the Heritage and the Signature selections.

 Bianchi 2009 Zinfandel WSThe 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon- Paso Robles– this is a classic brand of wine that is an amalgam of Western and Eastern Paso Robles vineyards prestigious grapes. It is a rich brand of numerous layers and incorporates flavors of coffee berries and a fine touch of tannins and spices of oak that gives it a dry, long- lasting finish.

The 2011 Pinot Grigio– Santa Barbara County- this exotic and yummy wine brand has a pale straw color and is very rich in excellent aromas such as kiwi, litchi and floral that gives it one dream- like finesse. This wine invites various combinations, but it augurs particularly well with Asian cuisines and most salads.

2009 Zinfandel– this wine simply goes beyond conventional flavors and aromas. It is a synergy of mint, berry jams, a balanced proportion of fine oak and vanilla. There is a touch of cinnamon that leaves wine- lovers hankering for more.

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