Richest Tasting Red Wines from Robert Biale Winery Zinfandel Napa Valley


Richest Tasting Red Wines from Robert Biale Winery Zinfandel Napa Valley

 Robert Biale WinerySince late 1937 the family of Biale has been in practicing the farming of Zinfandel grapes.  Their farm is situated at the border of Napa town. The idea of manufacturing wine started when Aldo Biale was supplying eggs. When he was a young boy his family engaged in the rearing of white chicken and they were part-time farmers. Zinfandel grapes produced in Biale farm were traded in Napa wineries. Aldo used the leftover grapes to produce homemade wine for his family and visitors and a few Napa people who loved wine. The Biale family were immigrants from Italy.

  Biale winery Zinfandel techniques of making wine include:

   Light-bodied: These wines are made from young grapes. They offer flavors that are sweet and nice to drink because they got less alcohol content.

  Medium- bodied: the zinfandel grapes used bring out more taste of fruit and tannins. This wine has a longer maturing period than the light bodied wines. Fermentation of these wines is left for a longer time in order to add more fruit taste, stability and acidity. These give the wines an explosive taste when they hit the tongue.

   Full-bodied wine: It is full and vibrant in concentration of fruit taste and has tannins in abundance. This wine is made from zinfandel vines that are very old with very mature grapes. The barrels used have a long aging period. As a result, the wine has an intense fruit taste and high level of tannin taste. This results to a powerful and strong alcoholic content in this wine.

 Black Chicken ZinfandelAldo started selling his homemade wine to outside people and due to fear of being known both him and the customers used a certain secret code known as black chicken, the reason being that he used to hide the wine containers in the barn. It was also the name of a jug. This lead to the birth of the wine by the name “Black Chicken “ for wine.

 Robert Biale Black Chicken Zinfandel WineRobert Biale Vineyards Black Chicken Zinfandel, 2010:  it has a sharp color of purple, red raspberry fruit aroma, baking spices and juicy blackberry taste. It takes 14 months to mature and 20% of the maturing in new French oak tank. The perfect pairing food of Black Chicken Zinfandel is any food in the barbeque category be it beef, spare ribs, pork and even Italian sausage.


  • Robert Biale Vineyards Monte Rosso Zinfandel 2008: It has a dark maroon color and it has a strong scent that welcomes you from a far. Its also consists of floral hints of a mixture of spices, blue berry and boysenberry and it has a high alcoholic content. It has a sensational flavor and a prefect finish, which is very smooth. This wine is excellent when paired with dishes with tomatoes such as lasagna and spaghetti. It is best tasting when taken with light foods.


  • Amador County Old Vine Zinfandel 2009: This wine comprises of black cherry and a light raspberry fruit finished by a faint taste of earth and pepper. It is in the medium-bodied category. It pairs well with grilled sausages and pork meat.
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