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Quality Red Wines Produced By Paso Robles Zinfandel Winery

 J Dusi Wines Paso Robles ZinfandelDusi family started growing grapes back in early 1920s. This led to the birth of Dusi vineyards.  Sylvester and Caterina Dusi were immigrants from Northern Italy who settled in Paso Robles. They are very well known because they were among the first people to introduce some of zinfandel grapes to the central coast of California.


Vineyards were uncommon in old California by that time. The Dusi family were great entrepreneurs and hard workers. They finally expanded their farming practices, by buying more land as the years went by and planted more zinfandel grapes. They carried out the farming practices that their forefathers practiced.  Up to date, they produce their wine with Italian style.

Dusi vineyard Zinfandel winery is located at south side of Paso Robles.  This area holds the best day-night warmth disparity. The great flavor of the Dusi fruit comes from the fact that there is perfect state for the growth of brightly flavored yet remarkably balanced wines.

The great family’s techniques of grape growing has contributed greatly to their production of quality wines. Their wines are made by grapes that are picked by hand and crushed to extract all juice. After crushing them the wine is left to age for a period of 14 months. Three generations have passed since the time Dusi vineyard was initiated and they are continuing to produce best wines.

J Dusi Zinfandel Wines Paso Robles Zinfandel


Let us look at some of the wines produced in the Paso Robles Wineries.


  • Plungerhead, Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel, 2010: The wine is large, loaded and full-bodied with typical woodsy excitement aromas, Lodi red berry and flavors. The dark purple color captures the eye. It has a bold aroma of ripe red raspberry, tangerine peel, cinnamon and clove. Inside the mouth the taste of black raspberry, dark chocolate, dried cherry and espresso is experienced.

2009 J Dusi ZinfandelThere will be distant notes of dried red currants, black walnut and white pepper. The Lodi zinfandel pairs well with grilled T-bone steaks, pizza with olives and extra pepperoni or roasted pork tenderloins.

Black Saint Peter Old Vine Zinfandel 2009: This wine is believed to have the greatest flavor.  Its name originates from one of the planters of the zinfandel vines. It is filled with smooth, juicy, zing berry flavors and is barrel-aged for additional vanilla density. It pairs perfectly with a barbecued ribs. It is the best wine to be taken during evening outings.

Zinfandel Napa Valley 2008 Magnum:  It is grown at northern tip of Napa Valley. The zinfandel grapes, which are used to make this wine are organically and biodynamic certified. It has the tastes of raspberries, strawberries and a faint taste of dried sage. This wine is made from fruits that give it a flexible balance of aroma, flavor and acidity.

The perfect pairing food for this wine is smoked brisket, pizza with tomato sauce and grilled steak. The wine is a perfect excitement for youths because it is a bit lighter and contains less percentage of alcohol.

The secret in enjoying wine is choosing the right one to match you taste and the food taken should pair well.

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