Best Zinfandel Wines from Martinelli Jackass Vineyard


Best Zinfandel Wines from Martinelli Jackass Vineyard and Winery California, USA

Best Zinfandel Wines Martinelli Winery

A man known as Giuseppe Martinelli worked at a coal mine in Minnesota in Italy. In 1895 he emigrated from Italy and went to California. He settled in Russian River Valley because it resembled Italy and therefore it  made him feel at home. The area he settled in was called Jackass Hill after his family because people said that only a jackass could farm on the steep hills as he did.

During his stay he realized that indeed if he planted Zinfandel grapes they could do very well. The weather condition in California favored the growth of zinfandel grape because they grow well in cool and coastal climate conditions.

Zinfandel grapes produce wine with a color  blacker than dark red. All zinfandel has this hot-peppered taste, that contain a slight taste of berries and dark cherries fruit flavor. There is also white zinfandel wine, but this is only achieved when the red zinfandel skin is peeled and removed from the grapefruit from the components of manufacturing wine before the process begins. This process brings out a very sweet and light wine. The process of making the white zinfandel is the same as that of red wine zinfandel.

Best Zinfandel Wines Martinelli Giuseppe Zinfandel

How is Zinfandel Wine made at the Martinelli Jackass Winery?


The process involves grapes fruits being subjected to fermentation for a long period to improve the fruity quality. A wild yeast is added and then the wine is put in small French oaks for 10 months to dry and mature completely.

Pale Rose wine is a white wine produced using Zinfandel grapes. This wine is best known for its young sweet taste. It is best taken at a summer together with fruit salad. It pairs well with light meals like fish, meat and pork.

This wine has strong flavors of fruits such as orange, vanilla, cherry and strawberry. It is perfect for non-alcohol takers to be acquainted with the taste of wine and move gradually to taking red wines, which has a higher alcohol content.

Here are examples of Best Zinfandel Wines.

Martinelli Jackass Vineyard Zinfandel

Martinelli Jackass Zinfandel Russian River Valley USA: It has a red color and it contains strong aromas of raspberry, blueberry and cherry fruit. It has a hint taste of black tea and gingerbread with espresso. This wine goes well meat and spare ribs.

2007 Martinelli Zinfandel Velluti Ranch: This wine has the taste of raspberries, black cherries and chocolate and tobacco. Fruit flavor is in plenty too. It has a high acidity that gives it a sour taste, but the fruit flavor gives it the perfect balance. Velluti Ranch is best served with pork and fish.

2009 Russian River Valley “Martinelli Road Vineyard’’ Zinfandel: This is a dark maroon wine with the scent of red berries, spice and red licorice whips. It has a strong aroma that explodes upon opening. The fruity flavor is very strong and this competes with the sour taste giving of the wine, giving it a perfect balance. By all standards, this is a medium wine, which is made with everything at its medium state. The wine pairs well with strong cheese, red sauce and beef.

The best thing with wine is that one can use his/her creativity to pair it with many foods.

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